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Client-Focused, Project-Specific Voiceover

25 Nov

By clearly establishing your specific desired results and goals, you and I are positioned to successfully capture the imagination of the listener and create an emotional connection between them and your product, brand or messaging. I’m always honored by the opportunity to put my voice behind someone’s unique story.

My voice has been described as genuine, relatable, trust-worthy, masculine, authentic, salt-of-the-earth, professional, educated, street-wise, caring, and character-driven. Successful voiceover must be ‘client-specific’ and ‘project-specific’. It’s storytelling – Even if the story is only one sentence.


Voices.com : connecting voiceover artists & clients to get projects done

19 Nov

Voices.com : Andrew Oliveri Voiceover Talent Profile

This outstanding online marketplace for companies looking for voiceover artists to connect with voiceover artists who are able to execute their project needs.

From the perspective of the voiceover talent I will say that the site makes auditioning and submitting auditions very seamless.

Also, the job listings are searchable using a variety of search filters which saves both the client and talent time and energy by auditioning only for jobs that you are really right for.

The site even handles payment from the client to the talent with their own internal escrow account so that once the job is completed the talent is paid without delay.

Voices.com : Andrew Oliveri Voiceover Talent Profile


Voiceover Actors…taking creativity & initiative to the next level

13 May

Last week a talented actress gave me a very cool idea for bringing my voiceover narration chops to the next level. I was attending a workshop at the amazing Don Lafontaine Voiceover Lab located at in the SAG/AFTRA headquarters building. She gave me the idea to narrate children’s stories for my niece and two nephews and then give each one of them a finished, edited audio book on their birthdays. Super cool, right? So I guess I now have my summertime extracurricular projects to delve into. Now the only thing I have to decide…Do I record their favorite books, which would be the slam-dunk sure bet… Or do I shoot for ‘legendary-uncle-status’ and write them?…