MOON MADE… starring Andrew Oliveri as LAPD Homicide Detective Vincent Antonucci


…singing karaoke in a Korea town dive bar is sometimes all you can do to keep it together.

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‘The 5th’ Official Selection of Film Invasion Los Angeles


Screening in Los Angeles, Friday June 8th – The 5th.  Written by & starring Andrew Oliveri and Robert Jekabson.  Directed by Katharine White.

THE 5TH – Roman and Paul, boxer and trainer, wait in the holding area before the biggest fight of their lives. They have a volatile relationship, their history defined by short highs and long lows. Deep reserves of mistrust run between them. When Paul discovers Roman’s decision to throw the fight, and thus end their careers, Roman is forced to reveal his diagnosis of early-onset dem

Our film ‘The 5th’ ….premiering at Pasadena International Film Festival

Cannot say enough about festival owners Jessica & Marco. They have created such charming, warm festival experience for the filmmakers and the audience. Thanks again for all your effort….it was a joy to screen at PIFF