‘Moonmade’ official selection of Culver City Film Festival


Moonmade is an official selection of the 2019 Culver City Film Festival.

An LAPD jaded homicide detective and a drag queen find unlikely common ground and discover and discover they are not so different.  It’s all just business as usual and rocking out at the Koreatown Karaoke Studios. 

Stars Andrew Oliveri, Ricky Rojas and Joshua Han.

‘The 5th’ now streaming online


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Very big thank you to Cinistream – @cinistream – for including ‘The 5th’ in their collection of films now streaming online. ‘The 5th’ directed by Katharine White – @katslikeaknife, written by & starring Andrew Oliveri – @oliverifilms & Robert Jekabson … Continue reading

‘Moon Made’ accepted into Best Short Films competition


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‘Moon Made’ written by & starring Andrew Oliveri; directed by Caleb Haydock is an official selection of #BestShortFilm competition. Moon Made’ stars Oliveri as LAPD homicide detective Vincent Antonucci who sings karaoke in a Koreatown dive bar as just one … Continue reading

Thank you Lift-Off Global Network for our inclusion in this years #LiftOffGlobalNetwork online #filmfestival


At a time when so many men are living isolated, marginalized lives and find themselves in world in which they don’t know how to engage, our story is as timely as ever. Recent attention given to neurological damage caused by head trauma in #contactsports & #boxing makes this story all the more prevalent. We proudly share our #film @the5thshortfilm from the perspective of boxing insiders with intimate knowledge of the the #corruption, #friendships, alliances and betrayals so common in this world of tough, lonely, misunderstood men. #indiefilm #filmmaker #independentfilm #filmfestival #TheSweetScience #pugilist #ActorsLife #artist #hustle #cinematography#cinematographer @ Eagle Rock, Los Angeles