Thank you Lift-Off Global Network for our inclusion in this years #LiftOffGlobalNetwork online #filmfestival


At a time when so many men are living isolated, marginalized lives and find themselves in world in which they don’t know how to engage, our story is as timely as ever. Recent attention given to neurological damage caused by head trauma in #contactsports & #boxing makes this story all the more prevalent. We proudly share our #film @the5thshortfilm from the perspective of boxing insiders with intimate knowledge of the the #corruption, #friendships, alliances and betrayals so common in this world of tough, lonely, misunderstood men. #indiefilm #filmmaker #independentfilm #filmfestival #TheSweetScience #pugilist #ActorsLife #artist #hustle #cinematography#cinematographer @ Eagle Rock, Los Angeles



Working on Hawaii Five-0 ….fantastic experience


Last week I had the great pleasure of working on Season nine of Hawaii Five-0.  The crew and cast are just incredible – warm, welcoming and great fun to be around.  Special thanks to my stunt double Todd Sells who is one of the coolest, warmest, most professional people with whom you could hope to work.

We spent a long, hot day on the roof.  And when Todd wasn’t taking a dive off the roof on countless takes, he was generous enough to capture this little B-role footage of me ‘terrorizing the neighborhood kids with my shotgun’.

Andrew Oliveri stars as boxing trainer Paul Anconi in ‘The 5th


Roman and Paul, boxer and trainer, wait in the holding area before the biggest fight of their lives. They have a volatile relationship, their history defined by short highs and long lows. Deep reserves of mistrust run between them. When Paul discovers Roman’s decision to throw the fight, and thus end their careers, Roman is forced to reveal his diagnosis of early-onset dem

On-location filming in Eagle Rock

This place must have been over 100 years old, a now-unoccupied, beautiful, mission-style church we found in Eagle Rock, LA. It became the boxing arena for ‘The 5th’

Shooting the final scene here with my co-writer, co-producer and co-star Robert Jekabson.

Our director Katharine White had a vision in mind for how she wanted the film to look…And boy did she execute that vision beautifully.