My incredible representation – Led by@heather.a.bragg of Established Artists and Greg Scuderi of @Mastertalentagency – who continue going to bat for me, getting me seen by many busy casting offices…We are making noise. Casting had me read three times for three different roles for the @Hulu series #PamAndTommy And each time they brought me in the role got bigger and more interesting than the previous role. Until finally I was pinned for the role of the talent agent of #PamelaAnderson

But as the days went by without a call from my agent I come to accept that the producers went with another actor. But remember we are making noise…they see our work, they keep bringing us in…These are the victories not to be overlooked.

And no…the ridiculous irony is not lost on me that this post is about a role that I did not get, for a role playing the talent agent who is gently informing his client about a role that she did not get.

‘Prepare For The Death & Rebirth of Hollywood’


‘Prepare For The Death & Rebirth of Hollywood’ By RichardJanes I came across this incredibly insightful story that Brian Medavoy had shared on his blog.An incredibly insightful forecast of the future of Hollywood – including massive shifts in power with :  talent agencies, … Continue reading

Hawaii Five-0 Season 9


This was a fantastic experience…the crew and cast are so warm and welcoming.  We had great time on set that day.

A big thank you to @MeaghanRath and @BeulahKoale for an epic standoff…you guys were fantastic to work with.


Photo Session with my great friend photographer Tim Sullens


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