Actor – Filmmaker – Writer – Voiceover Artist



Hawaii Five-0                        Co-Star.          CBS: K/O Products

Brooklyn Nine-Nine             Co-Star.          FOX: Fremulon

Criminal Minds                     Co-Star           CBS: Touchstone

Scorpion                                 Co-Star           CBS: K/O Products


Moon Made                             Lead              Dir: Andrew Oliveri

The 5th                                     Lead              Dir: Katharine White

Feast of Saint Michael           Lead              Dir: Andrew Oliveri


What the Night Is For             ADAM           Dir: Branda Locke

Modigliani                                AMEDEO      Dir: Jen Bareilles

Burn This                                  PALE             Dir: Jen Bareilles

Our Lady of 121st Street        VICTOR         Dir: Peter Burke

Frankie and Johnny                JOHNNY       Dir: Jen Bareilles

Danny & the Deep Blue Sea   DANNY         Dir: Jean Shelton

Angel Street                               JACK            Dir: Peter Burke

The Architecture of Loss        GREG            Dir: Paul Burke

Blood Moon                               ALAN           Dir: Jean Shelton

Betrayal                                      JERRY           Dir: Jim Jarrett

Cat’s Paw                                    VICTOR        Dir: Peter Burke

RELATED SKILLS – Competitive Amateur Boxer including college and California Golden Gloves, Triathlete & Open-water swimmer

ACCENTS – Boston (native Bostonian), New York, New Orleans, Irish

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