Doesn’t matter whether you’re a #businessleader or an #artist an #entrepreneur or a #filmmaker #writer #actor #musician #coach #healthcareprovider or a #healer …the #voiceofdissent is your best ally…you gotta embrace the voice of dissent because they are pure gold to your #creativity and your best work.

Inc. : If You Do This for 2 Minutes Every 2 Hours, Scientists Say You’ll Be Much Smarter (and Remember a Lot More)


READ in Inc. Magazine : A good tip for artists, business leaders or anyone seeking to optimize their performance – This article is printed in Inc. magazine this month : Entrepreneurs face considerable mental and emotional challenges, making decisions every … Continue reading

All Highly Intelligent People Share This Trait, According to Steve Jobs (and Science)


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A good read by Jessica Stillman published in Inc. magazine. Steve Jobs, as usual had an interesting perspective on intelligence, “…the key to being truly smart isn’t deep expertise in one field, but instead the ability to make unexpected connections … Continue reading