Last week, with his article : Prepare For The Death & Rebirth of Hollywood, @RichardJanes – business & career coach, branding expert, & founder of Fanology – offered us a tough-love punch in the mouth with an enlightening, no bull-shit, insightful assessment of Hollywood’s future (and specifically, who the true power players will be in the months and years ahead). If you haven’t yet, read it now. it is essential reading if you call yourself a artist, producer or professional working in film and television.

Then go right into Richard’s follow-up article :
‘Hollywood’s Broken System and the 3 Letters That Will Save It’
The man is giving us pearls. Check out now what he has to say about a concept he calls : LTV or ‘LifeTime Value’ – and why the success or failure of your career, your company, your vision, your dreams will live or die by your ability to create a relationship of LTV with your audience.